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Welcome To Trinity Springs Community Health Services.

Trinity Springs Community Health Services truly recognize that the client is at the centre of care. Our mission is to treat each person as a whole and therefore a plan of care is mutually created consistent with cultural background, health and spiritual beliefs, values and preferences. With a solid foundation of professional leadership, Trinity Springs is committed to providing the very best affordable solutions to meet all of your health needs, and improving health outcomes.

Why Trinity Springs?

Trinity Spring's Community Health Services is unique in that we offer personalized care including support & education for the client's family & caregivers. With core philosophy of "Ethical & Compassionate Care" Trinity Springs treats the whole person, not just their diagnosis & truly respects the client's wishes.

People want the power that comes from active participation in their health care, the power from knowing that what they do makes a difference in terms of being healthy, healing from illness or dying with dignity.

The Trinity Spring's mental health service focuses on helping each client live a full and meaningful life. Working closely with clients to identify goals & learn what is important to them on their journey towards optimal function & overall well being. Using the latest evidence based practice we work with our multidisciplinary team as well as community partners to ensure the best possible care is provided.

Who Are We?

Andrea Russell LPN

Owner/ Head of Administration

Andrea is a compassionate & vigilant Licensed Practical Nurse with 10 years experience in long term care. She has also served as a Medic. She specializes in Wound & Pain Management, IV maintenance as well as Dementia, Palliative /End‐of‐Life Care. Andrea is also an expert in rehabilitative client care, treatment plan implementation & post surgical protocols. She is particularly effective in assessing client needs & catering for the same while monitoring client progress. Andrea maintains exceptional standards of nursing, professional conduct & safety in her practice.

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